Great keycaps deserve a great case!

After months of testing, dozens of prototypes and much more iterations after settling on a design, our keycaps finally have a fitting packaging. All keycaps now come with their own case!
3D printed from very durable PETG, painted with acrylic white&gold and even with a golden anodized aluminium hinge, this case also doubles as a collectors case.

Sporting our signature colors, your keycap is initially only teased behind a cover with frosted class aesthetic ...
... then open the snap-fit case like a book to reveal your keycap and its accompanying ID card. The bottom right corner is designed to allow easy access to your card.

Our custom pad printing machine

In contrast to our
Art Series of keycaps
the artisan cases are not hand painted - we've build our own little custom pad printing machine for that purpose. Watch it in action below!