Art Series

In our Art Series sharp brushes, a very steady hand, knowledge in brush handling and proper paint consistency come together to form small unique pieces of art for your keyboard.

Expect precise shading and gradients that are inspired by the techniques used in miniature painting. The sculpts are lovingly hand painted using high quality acrylic paints for miniatures, a trusty Harder & Steenbeck airbrush and precise Kolinsky Sable brushes allow for great attention to detail.

Our production process:
The keycap is pressure casted from epoxy resin with multishot stem
Same sanding and post processing as our Multishot Series
Two coats of primer for optimal paint adhesion
Over 10 hand painted layers of high quality acrylic paint
One layer of clear epoxy to permanently seal and protect the paint
Several layers of permanent varnish for optimal protection against wear and UV light damage
The varnish also resists discoloration caused by humidity, heat and UV
Mounted in
our custom case